The same great benefits of traditional mineral wool,with a boost from ECOSE® Technology

The incorporation of ECOSE Technology into Earthwool products sets a new benchmark in sustainability and adds even more to the already outstanding benefits of mineral wool.

next generation benefits for a new era

No added formaldehyde binder technology

Earthwool does not contain artificial colours or added formaldehyde, resulting in environmental credentials above a class of products already rated A+ in the BRE Green Guide.

Environmentally responsible

Earthwool is ideal for environmentally responsible and 'no added formaldehyde' specifications such as the London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games Product Sourcing Guide.

Natural colour

No added dyes during manufacture allows Earthwool to return to its natural colour of rich, earthy brown.

'Super Soft' feel

The bio-based binding process makes Earthwool much softer, so it’s easier to handle and install.

Transparent packaging

Really see the difference with transparent packaging, while clear product names always ensure you get the right product.

Mineral wool at its best

Earthwool still delivers all the benefits you are used to from traditional mineral wool.

Acoustic performance

The same outstanding sound absorption properties help reduce unwanted noise.

Thermal performance

The same high levels of thermal resistance and superb energy efficiency.

Fire protection

Still non-combustible with an unbeatable A1 fire classification.

Compression Packaging

More product per load than other types of insulation makes transportation and storage on site much easier.


Made with recycled materials and can be fully recyclable
at the end of its life.